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An Instrumental Welcome - Derek Doublin
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Derek Doublin believes that everyone, at one point in their life, should be in a cowboy barfight and break a wooden chair over another cowboy's head.


Derek believes that love is like an ocean of the finest wine that borders an endless beach of discarded, old saxophones and human skeletons.

Derek Doublin is a producer/director and a veteran artist residing in Los Angeles, CA.  He has been a commercial film director for over 20 years, directing for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, ABC and the NBA. He is also a musician and a visual artist.  His most recent large scale installations, "The Power Station" and the "Corporate Headquarters" were featured at both the 2013 and 2015 Coachella Music Festivals and towered over 30 feet tall. His painting "State of Pause" won Hallmark's prestigious Gold Key award and was placed on display in the White House at our nation's capital.  His laundry is currently on display all over his bathroom floor.







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